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Video is king. In fact, it is by far the preferred way for consumers to be educated about the details of a product or service. In a recent study, 72% of consumers indicated they prefer video over text. Explainer videos are an effective way to convey your message and a format the public will enjoy.

DEL Content (part of DELThings LTD) has partnered with Mazur Studios to create the best, customized explainer videos. With hundreds of customers, thousands of videos, there is no better partner in the video business.

Use cases for Explainer Videos

Create amazing explainer videos for use at your trade show or conference

Trade shows & Conferences

Maximize your investment by adding video at your trade shows or conferences to educate, attract and retain attendees and create sales

Video is the most effective way to communicate to your website's visitors. Create content they will engage with.

Website Content

By adding explainer videos on your website, you will significantly increase your visitor’s time on your site, improve comprehension and deliver more conversion

Create content for your social media or general marketing campaign.

Social Media & Marketing

Deliver fresh content, creating engagement and discussion. Resulting in a greater community, more followers, better brand awareness and a significantly greater likelihood of sales

Create videos to explain your product or service for use in sales or investor meetings

Sales Support & Presentations

Deliver a targeted, comprehensive sales presentation. By controlling the content you will be assured that the message is consistent and aligned with corporate direction and goals

Formalize your training and onboarding by creating custom videos

Training and onboarding

Simplify your team training and onboarding. Explainer videos can improve the process, remove time based restrictions, improve comprehension and overall value.

Leverage video to improve your webinars and online demos. Video create consistency

Webinars and Online Demos

An emerging and effective community development tool strategy is the use of webinars and online demos. Remove any obstacles of delivery by creating pre-recorded materiel, such as video to ensure on-time and consistent content

How we create our amazing videos

The process of creating our videos is simple, effective and creative. The average turn around is 1 month from interview to delivery. There are no hidden fees and we never charge for edits. You will be satisfied by the process and love your video!

Sample videos

Our Partner

DEL Content is an authorized Mazur Studios partner

To deliver this highest possible explainer videos, DEL Content has partnered with Mazur Studios, a leading explainer video studio. There is no better partner in the video business.

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