The process of creating explainer videos is simple, effective and creative. The average turn around is 1 month from interview to delivery. There are no hidden fees and we never charge for edits. You will be satisfied by the process and love your video!

Creating Explainer Videos

The interview is the first step in the development of an explainer video

The interview

The process begins with in-length discussion on the product or service, goals, obstacle to sales and how the explainer video used to grow the business and brand. This interview last between 30 to 60 minutes on average.

The script will help define the final explainer video

Script Writing

Following the interview, the script writing begins. Focused on creativity and message delivery. Only once the script is fully approved do we move on.

Audio is extremely important to a proper explainer video

Voice Talent

Once the first draft of the script is created we will begin interviewing and identifying ideal voices and background music. We will then deliver 9 audio sample with 3 recording and 3 music samples. This will sample will also provide an amazing preview of the content to come.

The storyboard will create a visual representation and first draft of the final explainer video


Probably the most exciting step in the creating video is the storyboard. Our artists will create a hand drawn storyboard depicting every scene. Once all parties agree, it is time to begin creating the video itself.

The end result is a custom, high quality explainer video

Creating the Explainer Video

Once the script and storyboard are completed, our animators get hard to work to deliver the best explainer videos available today.

Why it matters

A proper process for creating explainer videos ensures the highest possible quality and satisfaction. As our content is never re-used, always fresh, it is important to follow a process which limits error and ensure timely delivery. Our customers are always happy with the end product, because we engage our customers every step of the way.

Interested in an explainer video

Interested in getting your own explainer video for your next trade show, marketing campaign or webinar? Reach out to discuss about creating explainer videos with DEL Content